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Keith Crampton is an exceptionally skilled and qualified transformational executive coache with a varied case load. He has worked with Leaders in many sectors to help them achieve breakthroughs in thinking and action.

Your senior people may have all the skill and knowledge they need. To develop and continue to develop they need the skill and integrity of a coach or mentor to allow them to explore possibilities and potential.

Our coaching is based on a clear but flexible approach to contracting with the organisation and the individual for specific and tangible results.

We then use a range of techniques and coaching styles to suit the individual and the issue.

Keith receives regular professional supervision to continue his own development.

Coaching is not onlt limited to an executive level and can be provided for anybody who may benefit from coaching support. Keith also regularly mentors Learning and Development professionals


Keith has extensive experience of providing career coaching and outplacement support both for individuals and as part of a corporate support package. 


Fantastic facilitation is sometimes required to help groups of people achieve results. Our experience in facilitation ranges from helping teams come together and build mutual trust and understanding through to working with senior teams to develop strategic frameworks for their organisations. We can also facilitate partnering workshops.

Much of our work has been in team development and we have developed two specific products:

TEAM FLOW seeks to address team issues in 1-day high energy (but not high risk) workshops that use a series of practical exercises to demonstrate key aspects of teamworking. The learning is then used as a basis for the practical development of the team’s collective capabilities.

FORM WORKSHOPS – To give direction and focus to new teams
It is vital for teams to become effective as quickly as possible so that there is no negative impact on services and hopefully tangible developments.

Teams have to FORM and this can be a tricky and lengthy process particularly when people are coming from already established teams. By concentrating on the Key areas shown below teams will accelerate to their full potential quickly.

Although there are elements of training in the workshops Keith will essentially facilitate teams through the FORM process as it relates to their area of work. Each workshop will be designed to meet the needs of the particular team.


Establishing the fundamentals of the team, its purpose values and ways of working.


Defining the real outcomes of the work of the team. What is going to be different as a result of what they do?


Building relationship based on a high degree of understanding, trust and shared goals.


What are the first moves the team has to make in moving towards high performance achievement of outcomes?

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