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Talking Points - New Strategic Thinking Workshops for Local Government

Feedback from Local Authorities has identified the need to develop a number of areas of skill and understanding that typify the dichotomy of getting the job done on a day to day basis whilst thinking about the wider impact on the organisation and its overall strategy.

These workshops are designed to provide you with key skills and raise awareness and understanding as well as facilitating discussion about what it means in practical terms for you. They can be attended as one off events or as a series depending on your needs.

  • Understanding Strategic Thinking
  • Developing a Commercially Aware Organisational Culture
  • Producing a Business Case
  • Briefing With Impact
  • Developing Political Awareness and Sensitivity   

Open Joint Learning Workshops In Hertfordshire During 2018

The Hertfordshire Joint Learning Programme - Still a Cost Effective Approach to Maintaining High Quality Training Provision in Tough Times - Open Courses for Local Government and Related Organisations in 2018, and not just limited to Hertfordshire!

Wiz continues to work with its partner The Baikie Wood Consultancy to provide a range of open training courses specifically aimed at Local Authorities and related organisations such as Housing and Leisure Trusts. The current programme builds on the knowledge of needs and demand we have established over the past 5 years. The Joint Learning Programme allows you to send the right people on the right courses rather than trying to fill a whole workshop in house. Host organisations receive a free place(s) and cost is as little as £95 per person for a one day workshop and £50 for a half day. Whilst the programme is established in Hertfordshire it can easily be replicated in other Counties. Please contact me if you are interested in setting something up.  

Looking for host Authorities for Spring and Summer 2018 

We are now looking to identify workshops and venues for Spring and Summer 2018 so if you have a development need and/or you would like to host a workshop please contact us to discuss arrangements and potential dates in more detail.

Does Your Organisation (and its people) Really 'GET IT' -  The Challenge of Customer Service Training That Works

Customer service training was the first thing I ever got involved with in my training. I loved it both for the challenge it gave me as a trainer but also for the significant positive impact it had on the organisation. Twenty odd years later I still feel that buzz but also carry a weighty burden of frustration about the ‘tick box’ way that it is sometimes approached. For many organisations it seems to come around every few years but with the advent of Service Centres and the new role for the ‘back office’ there are a whole new set of challenges.

Some of these lessons are about the content, design and style of delivery of any training but some are about the way organisations market, manage and integrate this area of development into what they do. It's easy to find the latest approach and pay ‘top dollar’ and still be disappointed with results.

Keith at Wiz is currently involved with a Research and Development Programme 'GET IT' which explores why some organisations and people instinctively seem to 'GET IT'. What is it that they do that sets them apart and achieves real lasting service excellence and organisational success? By seeking to understand customer satisfaction and what great organisation and people do we have developed a range of workshops and interventions to help you make the changes needed for real cultural change!

If you would like more information then click here to request a free copy of THE GUIDE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING THAT WORKS.

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