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Wiz Training and Development Ltd continues to support it's clients as they adjust to new ways of working post pandemic. Much of it closely related to some of the challenges organisations face now and into the future. Similarly Wiz is operating in a hybrid way, with face to face work making a comeback, as well as on-line options. In the meantime Wiz is here to support Local Authorities and other organisations in continuing to grow and develop.

A big thank you to all our fantastic clients, past, present and future! Here's to a better 2023!

Providing Training, Coaching and Facilitation solutions. We have extensive experience of working with public, private and voluntary sector organisations. In particular Wiz specialises in Local Government and Public Sector Training.

Formed over twenty three years ago Wiz have developed into one of the most prolific, experienced and respected learning and development organisations specialising in providing services for Public Sector organisations but with experience in many other private and voluntary sector organisations.

Recognising the specific needs of organisations Wiz have always sort to innovate and respond to the constant agenda of change and the challenges this creates in developing and supporting people. This is enhanced by bringing the best ideas from the private sector as we have a wide range of experience working with commercial organisations

Working in a variety of ways to help you achieve a blended approach that suits the specific needs of your organisation. Projects range from one-off training workshops through to comprehensive leadership and organisational development interventions.

In addition we can provide facilitation and team development, transformational coaching for Directors, Chief Executives and front line staff and consultancy services notably in areas such as performance management and customer service.

Our competitive edge is based on a partnership approach seeking to develop a thorough understanding of the clients organisation and context. We will not find ourselves in a room with people saying “you don’t know what its like”. Wiz prides itself on building long term relationships with clients many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. Through Director Keith Crampton we are accessible and responsive and seek to provide a real ‘Value for Money’ option. We also draw from a bank of suitable coaches, trainers, mentors and role players to design and deliver the perfect package as part of your organisational development plan. We believe that “the success of any organisation lies with its people.”

Wiz has its own troop of professional role players The 'Wiz Players'. To enquire about the use of professional role players and cost please contact Keith


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Client testimonials

“I was inspired by your training eight years ago and this prompted me to contact you on behalf of my new organisation.”
“This has been a real learning experience, I will probably take more away from this that will shape my working life and attitude to work than any other course.”
“For me it was a new subject which was scary to start with but Keith made it enjoyable and informative and I have walked away learning a lot!”
“This has been one of the very few courses which will really benefit me both personally and within my work.”
“Excellent. I thought it was going to be another boring course where you get talked at and are unable to concentrate.”
“Very good, much better than expected, expertly facilitated.”

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